5 Ways to Control Baby Hair and Flyaways

5 Ways to Control Baby Hair and Flyaways

Nothing takes you from chic to shabby like unruly hair. Fortunately, we know some special salon tricks to get smoother, sleeker strands—and no, they don’t involve cliché hacks (like sprinkling your ends with coconut oil or some similar nonsense). Okay, are you ready to banish strays like a boss? These 5 tips will help you control baby hairs and flyaways!

1. Get a trim

Split ends make baby hairs and flyaways even worse. Since these pieces are frayed, they are thinner and drier, making them harder to maintain. The answer? A trimming technique known as “hair dusting”.

According to Ally Humphrey, the owner of Noir Hair Gallery in Belmont Geelong, Victoria, Australia, this technique works wonders. “What hair dusting does is blunt off the split ends, helping them stop splitting further and making the hair sit flatter and shinier," Humphrey explains. And best of all, you’re only losing the split ends, so you don’t have to sacrifice your length in the process. 

2. Stay hydrated

H20 will make your hair grow! By promoting healthier and more hydrated hair, your individual strands will become more evenly weighted from root to tip, improving the condition of your baby hairs and flyaways.

But hydrating your hair isn’t about treating your tresses on the outside—it actually starts on the inside, deep down in the follicle! Only healthy follicles can sprout healthy hair. So in order to keep your follicles working their best, they need to be properly nourished with vitamins, minerals and water. By keeping hydrated throughout the day, you can build stronger and more fertile follicles, capable of growing smoother silkier hair.

3. Use a deep-conditioning treatment

Another way to control baby hairs and flyaways is to embark on a “hair rescue” mission. As stray pieces tend to get dry and untamed-looking, they need more sebum (oil) to weigh them down flat. 

A deep-conditioning hair mask can give your wayward locks the lubrication it needs. Look for a natural formula that is lightweight and won’t leave residue behind. Any buildup of leftover smoothing ingredients, like silicone, will only make your baby hairs become duller and drier. 

4. Try a non-toxic taming treatment 

To polish those pesky pieces, there’s a trick to targeting individual baby hairs without causing build up. 

Using a spare toothbrush, you can apply hairspray or gel to the bristles and lightly brush each flyaway so it flattens. Or for a much easier alternative, the Stay X Hair Perfecting Wand lets you get super precise when polishing your strands. With its convenient applicator wand, you can precisely target individual strands where they need the most correction. 

And while you can always opt for the toothbrush trick, it’s not really travel-friendly for styling on the go. With the wand, you can keep it in your purse or pocket for quick touch-ups at your convenience.

5. Wear a headband

It doesn’t get any simpler than a headband — the most natural way to control baby hairs and flyaways. 

Quick and low-effort, a headband will hold down the strays around your hairline and temples. Just avoid using any headbands with plastic teeth as they can tug at your hairs and cause breakage. Instead, stick with styles that have a smooth texture on the inside, which will safely create a more controlled look.

Got your own tips to tame baby hairs and flyaways? Pop them in the comments below! 

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