Cutest Bestie Hairdos to Rock for Friendship Day

Cutest Bestie Hairdos to Rock for Friendship Day

You read each other’s minds, you binge-watch the same shows, you practically share a closet—why not coordinate hairstyles too? After all, everyone already knows you’re two-of-a-kind! So, this Friendship Day, celebrate your other half with these adorable bestie hairdos.

Mix & Match

If you’re “too cool” to copy your bestie, try this mix n’ match approach! It still flaunts your friendship without overplaying your identical twin fantasy.

This almost-matching half ponytail idea is a gorgeous way to go! Show off your individual personalities by creating your own unique design at the back, be it braided, twisted or coiled.

summer girls long hair matching braids
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Unicorn Life

We never get too old for unicorns! Playing with this pastel-perfect theme is fun, no matter the age—period. Okay?

For this hair experiment, you both can explore your inner artist by playing around with washable hair wax (AKA “faux hair dye”). If you choose separate colours, stick to tones within the same palette. And if you’re not so skilful with hair art, be sure to touch up each other’s backside pieces— you know, so you avoid looking like a child’s finger painting before the Insta post goes live.



Mini Me Cuteness

For mum-and-daughter besties, these twinning ponytails are everything! Tight at the front and bouncy at the back, there will be no denying that you’re each other’s cheerleader.

Finish the look with matching hair ties. While bows are cute, if you’d rather avoid giving people a sweet tooth with the cuteness overload, consider a velvet scrunchie instead.



Natural Beauty

Be yourself… because that’s why your BFF loves you, right? To show your friendship gratitude, embrace your natural locks in all their glory.

These gorgeous buns are bursting with personality. Whether your natural texture is curly, thick or bouncy (or all of the above), you can seal the look with the Stay X Hair Perfecting Wand. Keeping flyaways in check, it helps you live your best #hairlife without the strays.



Waves for Days

“I’m sick of mermaid waves”, said nobody on earth! Sometimes sticking to the classics is best—just like your friendship, absolutely timeless.

If you don’t have a curling wand, not to worry. Here’s a trick: style your hair while wet in a low braid, and let it dry overnight (hmmm, slumber party...?). You’ll both have gorgeous flowing waves by morning!




Happy friendship day, lovelies!


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