Winning Hairstyles To Rock This Spring Carnival

Winning Hairstyles To Rock This Spring Carnival

Hey lovelies! The prestige and glamour of Melbourne Cup Week 2021 –  considered one of Australia’s premier racing carnivals – is upon us! But before you bust out your big, floppy hat and enjoy a glass of vintage bubbly, here are some stunning hair ideas to ensure you celebrate in perfect style!

Vintage Bun

Fashion meets tradition in this edgy take on a classic bun. Channel 10 stylist, Carlie Christie, incorporates a twisted rope effect into the bun, this perfectly complements the mesh design of the fascinator. The look is finished off with a beautiful vintage wave framing one side of the face.

Down and natural

This flirty hairstyle is hard to “pin down”. Or is it? Somehow it’s laid back and luxurious all at the same time.  The texture on the ends is left raw and natural, lying loosely over the shoulders, while the top is super-controlled and polished. Creating even more refinement, she adds a razor-straight middle part and a pearl-accented barrette on each side.



Sleek Bun

Former Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Molly Rogers, commands attention in this Chanel-inspired monochrome look that is so on point for Derby Day. A sleek, low bun is tightly pulled back and elevated with a stunning headband covered in pearls. She pairs this statement piece with a black suit dress featuring pearled lapels. Wow!  

A low pony (with something extra)

Here’s a fun twist on a low ponytail. To master this gorgeous swirl at the back, you’ll need a coil hair tool—and maybe a bit of styling practice. Use some texturizing spray on the ends to give the layers a slightly beachy look. It’s a subtle trick that gives this style a more contemporary feel. Pair this flirty hairstyle with a floral print dress for the ultimate spring statement. 

long blonde low ponytail with a pearl barretteSource: Pinterest

Wavy princess ponytail

This braided halo is royalty without the frills. While it’s fancy, the sides of the braid are gently pulled apart, creating a draping effect that’s unique and eye-catching. The back features a low ponytail with big, combed-out curls for a bouncier look. It’s a clever hairstyle for any Spring racing event, the perfect blend of sophistication and whimsy.

Source: Pinterest

Not everyone has Rapunzel-length hair (or a glam-squad to help them get ready)! For an effortless approach to your hair, this style worn by Katie Watts will speak your language. With its soft and bouncy shoulder length waves, this look has got a simple yet sultry vibe that’s totally empowering. But there is nothing understated about that gorgeous, sparkling headband!


Whatever your choice of Spring Carnival experience – fashion, racing or dining – these hairstyle ideas are guaranteed to turn heads. Each one has its own vibe and level of formality, while leaving plenty of room for your own personal touches like headpieces or accessories. Embrace the joy of getting dressed up again and don’t forget to share your pics!

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